INTO culture is an independent media & anthropological creative studio for brands and organisations and anyone in-between. We are artisans in our crafts that combine different disciplines to create compelling documentary-based narratives of original experiences of communities and subcultures from around the world.


We tell people’s stories. Both visually and narratively, we explore and document culture through an intimate, and aesthetic approach.

To capture and tell stories, we use immersive research methods and film and photography:

Intercepts are spontaneous encounters with people often ‘on-the-go’. Through real conversations with real people, we harness valuable personal stories through light but engaging interaction. We stop people on the streets, in barbershops, in local markets, or in relevant locations and have meaningful conversations.

Deep hanging out is an organic, in-depth method that involves, well, hanging out! We spend valuable time and create connections with people to unfold personal experiences, perspectives and ways of life. From it, we gain a rich understanding of people’s personal stories and the many fluctuating narratives that define them.

Photography and video convey the visual story. We strive to visually tell people’s stories, always anchoring our shots through an empathic and empowering approach. For us, the people at the heart of our stories will always lead the way in which their narrative is told.

Book editing and layout expertise mean we can deliver premium, fine-art finished deliverables in the form of print like tabloid, magazines, and prints, for those clients that yearn to break the frames of the digital.


Ivan Hugo and Camila met on the field working on a project about Latino communities in the US in 2015.

Based in London, they teamed up cross-disciplinary to create INTO culture studio. They published INTO seasonal mag craving original stories and quality cultural analysis to kick-start their collaborative venture into the world of visual storytelling. Placing people at the heart of their focus, they offer a unique lens for capturing scenes and experiences as they happen.

Projects have spanned markets as varied as LA, Mexico City, Shanghai, Brussels, New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Tokyo, across the UK and more.



Ivan Hugo