Real insights. Real people. Real stories.

INTO Culture is a creative research studio that uses visual and cultural anthropology to deliver insights and inspiration about real people and real stories. We are based in Barcelona and London.

We work with brands and institutions to unveil alternative ways to connect with people through human-centric strategies, authentic storytelling, and premium visual content.

We draw on years of experience exploring youth, the realities and social codes of street culture, communities across the globe, and trends and behaviours at the fringes of society that become fodder for social influencers.

Research-based Content

We specialise in immersive anthropological research methods supported by film and photography. Our team is dedicated to identifying cultural shifts, mapping out behaviours, developing ideas, and producing quality creative content.

Access and Insight

We build connections to unfold experiences, perspectives and ways of life. From it, we gain a rich understanding of people’s stories and the many fluctuating narratives that define them.

Authentic Storytelling

Hands-on and on the ground coverage. We naturally tap into urban culture to ensure true representation of audiences. The goal is to amplify unfiltered voices & real narratives.

We team up to create

We collaborate with other creatives and research agencies to offer our extensive knowledge of proximity to urban culture and communities.

Real insights. Real people. Real stories.


This is how we do


Ravalopoly - Raval solidarity routes

Junk Food Clothing

Youth culture and attitudes in the city of L.A

Levi Strauss

On the road with global denim culture

Nike Tokyo Design Studio

Documenting sports culture and their lives

Our Approach

We are visual storytellers, researchers, and big-thinkers.

Filmmaking & Photography

For us, the people at the heart of our stories will always lead the way in which their narrative is told.

Research and Talent Sourcing

Through a mix of in-depth hanging out and on-the-fly interviews, we spend valuable time with people to build relationships and capture personal stories and insights.

Global network

Let the INTO locals guide the way. We have friends in many corners of the world.

Book editing and layout

We can deliver premium, fine-art finished deliverables in the form of print like books and zines, street installations, posters, and curation of any type of digital asset.

Filmmaking & Photography

For us, putting people at the heart of the stories we tell is essential. We know from experience that the camera allows people to show us their stories and allows us to share those with others. The camera helps you to see how the world moves people.

Research & Insights

Through a mix of in-depth observation and on-the-fly interviews, we spend time with people to build relationships and capture personal stories and insights.
We live on the streets and make it our business to know about upcoming trends and movements.

Editing and layout

We edit the content of the stories filmed with creativity and spontaneity. We make tabloids, zines, and books with style and street installations with a social impact.

Global network & Local recruitment

Let the INTO locals guide the way. We have friends in many corners of the world!
We recruit people through personal connection, and by going to the places where they spend time.

INTO is a cultural magazine, that focuses on telling stories in a global market that increasingly demands genuinely human-centred content, both visual and narrative.

“Just get out, meet people and put yourself in other people's experience, in other people's lives, not just your own vision"

Amelie | INTO mag. edition 03, Voices of East London youth.

It is a path of thoughts, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the world, and a desire to transcribe it visually.


We work across the globe.


The thinkers.

With 20 years of experience in advertising, cultural and urban documentary, he has worked in-house for Nike Japan and collaborated with brands like Levi Strauss Global, Junk food L.A, Vice Media to create impactful content and campaigns. On the streets observing and close to youth movements, his work brings realism to a cinematic experience through photography and film, whether capturing "on the fly" or composing the story, always through an aesthetic approach.

Ivan Hugo

Founder & Head of Film and Photography

Multicultural polyglot, expert ethnographer and applied anthropologist, venturing into both business and social research for strategy and innovation. Her mission is to unpack people’s stories in an attempt to understand the multi-layered complexities that hold our ‘worlds’ together and allow us to make sense of the ‘everyday’ --- while using the information to create impact.

Camila Pedersen Sierra

Head of Research and Insights

Has 10 years of experience working with creative agencies in a variety of industries and sectors, with expertise in video production, editing, design and motion graphics. His work consists of the pre-production, production, and post-production phases of the project's lifecycle.

Artur Guarezi

Head of Production


Real insights. Real people. Real stories.​

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