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LatAm x Hult Prize foundation

Creating a pathway for youth everywhere to build a better world.

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INTO the Mission:

Leader in impact education, the Hult Prize Foundation has brought impact focused programs and training to over a million students globally. In collaboration with Vice LatAm, they were looking to understand what motivates young Latin Americans to migrate and look for opportunities elsewhere through a series of interviews and films. These were also aimed at exploring the many obstacles they face in their journey, with the end goal of using Vice as a global platform and channel to broadcast their stories and raise awareness. 

INTO the Solution:

INTO collaborated with Vice LatAm to carry out a series of interviews with the Latin American youth team leaders participating in the HULT Prize, formulating relevant questions regarding society, education, environment, politics and work in their respective countries, what it is like to be young in LatAm and the motivations behind their participation in Hult.

INTO the Result:

• 10 original video interviews

• Shared series of video interviews for the media VICE channels, YouTube and for social media

• Shared in Hult prize platform

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The Prize is a partnership between Hult International Business School and the United Nations Foundation. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton selects the challenge topic and announces the winner each September.

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