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Ravalopoly - Raval solidarity routes

Raval is one of the densest, most diverse and complex neighbourhoods of Barcelona, and with the pandemic, it also became one of the spaces with the most social challenges.

INTO the Mission:

Ravalopoly is as a project created and impulsed by eXplorins with the aim of dynamising and recovering the richness of Raval, support its community and reactivate its local economy through interactive routes that allow for the discovery of its territory.

These ‘solidarity routes’ were created with the support of over 60 entities, local commerce and neighbours, as well as Barcelona City Council. The money raised from the sale of the routes is donated to 4 foundations within Raval.


INTO the Solution:

INTO was commissioned to conduct an immersion in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona in order to ‘understand’ it and capture the emotions and personal narratives that define this epicenter for diversity, modernity and history. The aim was to transmitted this in written and visual form on the eXplorings app and through a zine, allowing all users to experience the beauty of the neighbourhood. 

 INTO connected and captured every detail through portraits and urban culture scenes, creating a series featuring 12 local artists and 12 local merchants, illustrating the greatness of the neighbourhood, both in analogue and digital form. 

INTO the Result:

• INTO Zine: radiography and soul of Raval. A specialised Zine never before created for the neighbourhood, 5000 copies

• 24 portraits of urban culture in Raval - Barcelona (portrait of a culture and local business)​

• Original research, culture, and talent mapping

• Shared photography series on social

• Top visual campaigns apply to a social project with triple sustainable goals: social, economic and environmental

• Photography series on-the-go​

El Raval siempre ha sido un territorio de acogida – de emigrantes, viajeros, artistas y creadores en todo su extensión
In Raval we are all equal, En el Raval todas somos iguales, Im Raval Sind wir alle gleich,
Sa Raval lahat tayo ay pantay.

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