Client: Levi Strauss

On the road with global denim culture

Through accessing communities of young people around the world, observing and documenting trends, styles and attitudes, Levi Strauss wanted to explore how youth from different places and cultures use and wear denim.

INTO the Mission:

The aim? Visual and strategic inspiration by sharing the output and insight with the design, marketing, and visual merchandising teams for them to truly connect with and get to know the markets intimately, allowing them to better compete in the territories (including identifying the ideal locations for flagship stores e.g. in New Delhi, London, etc).

INTO the Solution:

INTO went out to explore, photograph and film denim youth culture and its urban points of reference in over ten cities: London, Mumbai, New Delhi, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, San Petersburg, Moscow, Gothenburg, and Tokyo. Through this journey, we captured a series of striking visual youth-culture stories, inspirations and trends, and portrayed the key role youth plays in the development of emerging markets.

INTO the Result:

• Original research, culture, and talent mapping project

• 10 Hero books that cover denim culture in the chosen cities.

• Outdoor Diversity Strategy.

• Interview people on the fly.

• Shared photography series on social media.

• Photo Exhibition at Levi Strauss HQ in San Francisco.

“Mon Amour! she saw me on the street and said, hey mister, are you looking at me? I said I have one eye on this moment and one eye on eternity. I said, yeah, I’m looking at you. She smiled. And that’s the whole story, son. Paris.”


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