Client: Nike Tokyo Design Studio​

Documenting sports culture and their lives in their creative places at its hear

“You don’t come to Tokyo to snap the views of architecture. The main attraction here is seeing how Japanese people put together a look." 

Tiffany Godoy, author of Style Deficit Disorder.

INTO the Mission:

Nike TDS wanted a visual and story-led deep dive into Japanese youth and street culture to better understand where and how they hang out, what really matters to them and how they express themselves and their identity within their communities. INTO was asked to explore the stories of unexpected places where street style interacts with sports-culture, through photography, film and conversations that were to inspire a series of training shoes as part of Nike’s global collection. Japan, Nike Limited edition.

INTO the Solution:

INTO went out to document urban sportswear culture at its intersection with creativity in  the lives of youth in Tokyo, producing a series of photographs and videos capturing their experiences, interactions with their environment, and their expressions of freedom of creativity on the streets of this megacity.


INTO the Result:

• A Hero photo-master book of 300 pages and more than 200 photos, a limited edition of 250 copies, that covers sportswear culture in the neighbourhoods of Tokyo and the sneakers collection resolution.

• Original research in the neighbourhood of TYO culture, mapping project.

• 2 original mini-docs

•Interviews on the fly with people on the streets of Tokyo.

• Shared photography and mini-docs series for the flagship store in L.A. and for social media channels.

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Innovation that challenges the industry and moves the game forward, telling the story of our heritage through sport.

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