Client: Junk Food Clothing

Youth culture and attitudes in the city of Los Angeles

A series of short films exploring and portraying the authenticity of youth culture, styles, attitudes and values in the city of Los Angeles, the footage was captured in different neighbourhoods of L.A. Area codes; 213, 623, 310. 626.

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INTO the Mission:

Junk Food Clothing wanted to strengthen its social credentials by going meeting and connecting with their urban and street audience, collecting and communicating the stories of those live in the different neighbourhoods of L.A. 

The objective of the brief was to bring a more creative, authentic and genuine way to get up and close to the streets and its people and capture real moments through improvisation and spontaneity. This was key to access the ordinary as well as the extraordinary by encouraging the agency of each individual within their environment.

INTO the Solution:

INTO captured a series of street culture photography and a short film that explore people’s insider knowledge of and relationship to local areas, their community mindsets, as well as cultural and personal attitudes towards style and identity. 

The photographs and film were captured in different neighbourhoods of Los Angeles.

INTO the Result:

• Original research in the neighbourhood of L.A. culture, mapping project

• 5 original mini-docs

• One Hero photo-tabloid zine that covers streetwear culture in the neighbourhoods of L.A

• Interview people on the fly on the streets of Los Angeles

• Shared photography and mini-docs series for the flagship store in L.A. and for social media channels

“ I love my shoe wear, if you cool you cool, you can't really pay to be cool “

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Junk Food Clothing. Los Angeles 213

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Junk Food Clothing. Venice 310

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Junk Food Clothing. Los Angeles Global

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Junk Food Clothing. Rose Bowl

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