> Camila – cultural analyst and ethnographer:

Camila is passionate about unfolding the multi-layered complexities that hold our ‘worlds’ together and allow us to make sense of the ‘everyday’ – while using the information to create impact

She has experience working on various international projects and across a variety of sectors, markets and methodologies. Aside from English, she carries out research fluently in Spanish, French, Italian and Danish.

Sectors she has worked in span from the automobile industry, tech, health and beauty, spirits, retail, innovation and banking, to youth and NGOs for eg disabled individuals, in diverse markets globally. Methodologies include in-depth interviews, observation and immersion/deep dives, participant observation, intercepts, UX and customer/user journeys, online moderation, focus groups, etc.

Having lived and grown up between Africa, Latin America and Europe, she has developed an enduring sense of empathy and solid interpersonal skills, allowing her not only to be comfortable in diverse socio-cultural settings but also to instantly establish a foundation of trust with strangers to gain unique access to intimate and personal stories.

> Ivan Hugo – visual creative director:

With 20 years of experience in commercial photography (both in-studio and in-field), Ivan specializes in immersing himself in youth culture and everyday life to create honest visual anthropology, while expertly identifying and visually exploring consumers, brand loyalty, subcultures and markets globally. Through a well-honed creative instinct of years in this industry, he produces visual insights and deliverables tied to cultural shifts in globalization. 

Projects have been varied and diverse: ranging from documenting street life and culture in locations like Mumbai, Los Angeles, and other key cities around the globe for Levi Strauss & Co, to exploring Latino culture and community in relevant US locations for Shell Global, as well as navigating sport youth cultures in the neighborhoods of Tokyo for Nike Inc., photographing street inspirations in places of interest, relevant to the Japanese market. He has delivered high-quality content and long-term, big-budget stories for a variety of sectors and agencies. Whether leading or working within a team, he works with pre and post-production teams to create fine art-finished, beautifully presented and packaged results.